Frugal Barn Weddings was created to provide a great wedding venue at a great price!  You will find when you shop other Farm/Barn Wedding sites in Florida that we are much more centrally located, have indoor plumbing available for the wedding party and guests including a Bridal Suite for preparation for your Big Day, multiple outdoor on-site areas that can be set up for the ceremony and reception, staged areas for photo-ops (with our trained livestock OR collectible cars), a separate designated area that can be used for multiple purposes such as a wedding cake table, garter or bouquet throw, or a DJ station with outdoor speakers and sound system AND featuring our trained livestock that can be a part of your ceremony and reception.


For example, our trained Shetland pony can be used as a ring bearer or used to distribute flowers down the center aisle during the actual ceremony, or our donkey can be outfitted with beverage coolers to distribute drinks during the reception, or one of our full-sized horses can be used in one of the photo-op areas to pose with members of the wedding party or guests for a unique picture, or anything else you may think of to utilize any of our animals at your wedding.

There is NO extra charge for the use of the animals on-site and we provide a handler for each animal for safety.

We also offer the use of our collectible automobiles set up as photo-ops on the property so members of the wedding party or guests and their families can create memorable and fun pictures for posterity.


Best of all, we do NOT "nickel and dime" you with add-ons or extra charges, either, as most barn wedding venues tend to do.  And, we don't charge extra if you get married over a weekend versus a weekday.  We also offer a discount for an "elopement" package, meaning if you just need the venue for your wedding for up to 4 hours, and not an entire day.

We have noticed that a lot of couples have been cheated out of their wedding day deposits due to the COVID-19 outbreak (since a lot of the deposits are non-refundable per the contracts), and we want to offer a reasonably-priced venue for your wedding where we help you DO IT YOURSELF, if you don't have a wedding planner or coordinator.  If you do have a wedding planner or coordinator (or florist or caterer or whatever), we happily work with all of them to make your DAY special and memorable.


If inclement weather happens, then we can either reschedule or you can cancel and get a 100% refund of your deposit, unlike most wedding venue contractors allow.  If you do decide to cancel, your 20% deposit will be fully refunded as long as you give us written notice 30 days' or more before your booked date.  Less than 30 days before the booked date, no refund is available.  Depending upon circumstances, we will always strive to work with you, however.  We can always move the festivities inside our on-site bridal suite that is very large if need be for the safety, comfort and convenience of you and your guests.


We recommend "All in 1 Bounce" located in the Apopka area for rental and set-up of tents/tables/chairs, etc. and we work with them on a regular basis to provide a discount to our clients.  If you want a temporary dance floor installed, they can help with that as well.


Our goal is to help you have one of the greatest days of your life at our facility AT A REASONABLE COST.  We offer both outdoor and (limited) indoor accommodations for the ceremony and reception, the idea being to have an outdoor "barn/farm" experience and ambiance.  The indoor area can accommodate 20-30 people comfortably, and we do have 3 indoor bathrooms in the Bridal Suite building, unlike some farm/barn wedding venues that don't even have indoor plumbing available.



$2,500.00 is the total cost for one day's use of the venue, from 8:00am to 8:00pm.  If you are here at dusk.. BEWARE of the mosquitoes; they will carry you away!  Nighttime lighting is no problem and no extra cost, but if you need to be here after dark, you will have to independently rent foggers for bug control.  We charge only $100.00 per additional hour to continue to use the venue after 8:00pm up to midnight.  If you set up tables/tents/chairs the day before, that is no extra charge, and can be coordinated between us and the tent company or your wedding coordinator.


Renting the wedding venue includes your choice of one of three (3) areas to set up an outdoor tent(s), each area encompassing roughly 3,000 square feet of space.  You can set up multiple areas (one for the ceremony, one for the reception, etc.).  We also have a 10x12 area set aside to be used for a cake table OR DJ station OR bouquet/garter throw, OR gift table site, OR bar, or whatever you may with to use it for, at no extra charge, though you will have to rent a tent to cover this area.


Also included is use of the Bridal Suite which includes indoor plumbing (3 bathrooms) for everyone attending in an air-conditioned environment (separate building on the property), so the Bride can get ready with her bridesmaids or other family members apart from the groom and groomsmen.  There is a large living room and small kitchen that can be used in this separate building.  If you wish to have the ceremony and reception indoors, the Bridal Suite building can be used, but only holds 20-30 people comfortably.


We also offer something truly unique for NO extra charge:  the use of our trained livestock (and a handler) that can be integrated into the wedding ceremony or reception or for photo-ops, as determined by the client(s).  We can let you know what is possible from your suggestions of using any of the animals over and above what we have suggested above.


There are two full-size refrigerators on-site (one in the Bridal Suite kitchen and one in the New Barn), so storing beverages or the all-important wedding cake is no problem, especially in the Summer (and when is it NOT Summer in Florida, anyway?).  A cake and gift table can be set up indoors in the Bridal Suite building to preserve the cake from the outdoors until it is time to bring out the cake for the bride and groom to cut and serve outside.


Elopement packages (up to 4 hours' use of the wedding venue) are also available for any day of the week, at a cost of $1,500.00, and includes all of the above, just as with a longer wedding event.


Parking is FREE, of course, and we can accommodate about 60-80 spaces comfortably, more if guests park closer, depending upon the number of anticipated attendees.  Maximum attendance is probably no more than 100 vehicles.


We can also assist on the wedding day with decorating, etc. and have no problem working directly with your wedding planner/coordinator to keep things running smoothly.  If you forget to buy something you may need, there is a Wal-Mart and other shopping centers nearby for your convenience.  Someone will be there at all times that you need us to help you, as a venue representative.



Please enjoy the slide show for ideas on staging, placement and decoration ideas for your own wedding.


Give me a call or text at 321-695-5344 or email me at to discuss the details as to how we can help you make your dream day come true without bankrupting your pocketbook, so you can have something left to cover the honeymoon!